Submission to leaderboard

I uploaded a submission URL and I can see that it’s accepted but the result doesn’t make any sense.
I checked it twice and the files aren’t empty.
I appreciate it if you can check it.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @omercahana,

Are you sure the reconstruction pixels are in the same range as the ground-truth? Assuming you’re normalizing before training you must unnormalize the reconstruction output. You can see how this is done in the fastMRI github repo.

Let me know if this doesn’t fix the issue.


Hi sir, I have checked my submission and I have used the run_unet code to create reconstruction but it Is not getting approved. Could you please look into that, it will be of great help. My account is : harsimarsingh.

Hello @harsimarsingh, could you start a new topic for your submission? This is an old one.

Sir, I have successfully uploaded my submission. I was using the challenge dataset so that was the error, should have used the test dataset. I actually started one but that was marked as spam so had to drop in a message here. Thanks for looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, okay - sorry about that. In any case, for your submission I’m seeing the following error:

file1001066_v2.h5 does not contain a "reconstruction" key.

Please make sure you include the reconstruction in the h5py file with the key "reconstruction".