Submission guidelines minor imprecision


I wanted to submit to the brain challenge and when reading the submission guidelines I was unsure whether I needed to use the '_v2' at the end of the submission files.
Turns out you don’t but it’s not clear when reading the submission guidelines for the public leaderboard.
I think it should be clarified.

This is in conjunction with the fact that it’s not possible to know why a submission fails/is not approved (see this).

I’m in the process of reproducing this. Once I can confirm I’ll remove the '_v2' comment from the guidelines.

Sending out the error message is a bit more involved, but probably something we should do at some point.

Okay the Submission Guidelines have been updated. The _v2 comment is still relevant for the knee data, but you’re right that this is not relevant to the brain data. The guidelines should be accurate now.