SHA256 verification error?

Hi all,

I’m trying to download the FastMRI dataset. I’ve got all the knee data and the SHA256 verified the data integrity. Now I’m trying to download the brain data but all the SHA256 hashes indicate a mismatch compared to the SHA256 file. I’m consistently getting 94cea32eeec1ea9be56fd3a7bd38eb054690e2c6713f87df2d71712dce9754ce as hash for the brain_multicoil_test.tar.gz file, for example, whereas it should be 72dae76b92f1be1bbb68b3089e84b64e021e8c13313dd8bd02c594a2c41848e8 according to the SHA256 file.

I’ve tried downloading the files in multiple ways (curl with and without continuation, wget rather than curl, downloading to a different disk to rule out writing errors) but I consistently get the same hash every time.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Hi @MaartenTerpstra,

I just looked into it this and you’re right that the SHA256 hashes are incorrect. I’ll investigate further and update the hashes if necessary.



Just as an update, I downloaded the brain multicoil test file, and the SHA 256 hashes match.