Questions regarding radiologist review process

Hello, my name is Tim Nguyen at HCMC University of Technology in Vietnam.

I am excited to be joining the challenge this year. Thank you for hosting such a great opportunity.

I have some questions regarding the radiologist review that I do not fully understand.

My inquiries are as follows:

  1. Will the whole test set be reviewed by the radiologist? Or will the reviewer only evaluate selected slices displaying lesions? In the case of the latter, I am wondering if there will be a bias of the slice selection.
  2. In addition, I am curious whether a conflict of interests check is performed to ensure the impartiality of reviewer decisions.
  3. Will the radiologist review data (images and corresponding scores, preferably with the radiologist names anonymized) be disclosed to the participants? I believe this would significantly help the participants.

Your feedback will be of great help.
Thank you in advance.


Hello, I will answer as best I can.

  1. They won’t look at the full test set - there is not enough time for that. A set of cases with pathology are being selected by NYU, and these will be reviewed. NYU and FAIR are not entering the challenge, so this ideally will minimize chances for bias for any participant based on the selection.
  2. The radiologists will be blinded to where the cases come from.
  3. The main disclosure will be via publication after the challenge. At the moment I don’t think we have plans to release the challenge set.

Best of luck, Tim!