Question about website leaderboard results

Hello. I recently took a close look at the challenge leader-board and found that the number of contestants does not equal the “34 teams” which the blog post mentioned. There are 17 in the single-coil and 8 in the multi-coil leaderboard. Also, most multi-coil participants had single-coil submissions as well.

Also, although I failed to take a screenshot, I distinctly recall that the website recently displayed only 5 teams in the multi-coil knee challenge leaderboard.

I would like to ask exactly how many teams participated in the challenge and why the bug that I mentioned occurred. I have unfortunately already cited that result, which has made me look bad.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - the blog post appears to be incorrect and we’ll make sure to update it. The correct challenge details can be found in “Advancing machine learning for MR image reconstruction with an open competition: Overview of the 2019 fastMRI challenge”. Notably, “We received a total of 33 challenge submissions. 8 groups submitted to the multi-coil track, each with submissions for both the R=4 and the R=8 tracks”.

There was a bug where some challenge leaderboard submissions weren’t displaying when their images couldn’t loaded. It is fixed now.