Paper for submission to the challenge


I just noticed that the url to our paper for a challenge submission is mandatory.
How “final” is the version of the paper we are supposed to link?

Zaccharie Ramzi

Hello Zaccharie, it doesn’t have to be very “final” at this point. I don’t think we have any plans to publish it directly, but if you win the challenge we would like to feature your work and insights at the NeurIPS workshop, and the paper would help with this process.

Ok makes sense.

May we have appendices to describe the specifics of the network architecture/training?

I don’t think NeurIPS will be publishing the winners this year, so you can include whatever you want. This would be more to be a source document for you to describe your own work as a reference. We hope to give each winner 15 minutes to present at the conference, and during presentation you could give a link to your paper with details (possibly on arXiv or a journal should you choose to submit it to one).