Knee MRI (Tesla Detection)


How I can detect Tesla (is 1.5 or 3) in dicom images for knee?
I could not find any information about tesla in folder that I download from your website.

Thank you in advance.


Hello @Sedra_Mulki, sorry about taking so long to reply. For the raw data, you can parse the ismrmrd_header xml variable. Here’s an example:

import h5py
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from import et_query

hf = h5py.File('file1001599.h5', 'r')
et_root = ET.fromstring(hf["ismrmrd_header"][()])
field_strength = et_query(et_root, ['acquisitionSystemInformation', 'systemFieldStrength_T'])

For the DICOM knee data:

import pydicom

dcm = pydicom.read_file('00007_f76ed1a7c2a44cf0.dcm')
field_strength = dcm['MagneticFieldStrength'].value