Brain MRI dataset questions


I have 2 questions regarding the brain MRI data from the dataset:

  1. I see that except for T1 and T1POST (which are both described in the paper)
    there is also T1PRE, what does that mean? Is it the same as T1?

  2. As I understand from the paper, for some patients there were taken multiple modalities,
    so that for instance there is patient X with T1 and T2 modalities. I see that for each modality
    there is a separate H5 file. The question is how I can understand what modalities are of the same patient? Since the filenames are totally different as well as the patient_id that is in attributes.

Ilya Nelkenbaum

HI @Ilya_Nelkenbaum,

  1. T1PRE and T1 are the same. This is just how the raw data was labelled (i’m not sure the details).
  2. Only the knee dataset includes both modalities for each patient. Fairly sure the brain dataset has different patients for each modalities (or at least the anonymized patient IDs NYU provided don’t match a single patients with different modalities).