About abstract submission

  1. Is the deadline for the abstract the same as the deadline for the challenge reconstructions (Sep 19)?
    It seems that the med-NeurIPS abstract submission deadline itself is Sep 11, but my understanding is that this does not apply to me as this will be a different track thing?
  2. Can we upload our abstract through any custom URL? Are there any restrictions on the URL?
    This is based on what you said here.
    How do we get the challenge set data?
    Thank you!


1.Yes, the abstract submission deadline is on Sep 19, same as the challenge reconstructions. This is distinct from the workshop submissions.
2. Any public URL is fine, but please make sure that it is a PDF with the appropriate format.
Hope this clarifies.


The challenge said 1 page abstract.
it is really one page? unlike the extended abstract 3 pages in the workshop?


Yes it’s 1 page.


Is a figure allowed in the abstract?

Yes, figures are fine.


Can you clarify if the abstract has to be anonymous? We currently have an abstract of 3 pages as it is said on the website that “needs to follow the requirements of the Medical Imaging Workshop meets NeurIPS workshop guidelines
Also, are the references included in the limit of 1 (or 3) pages?
Finally, to update the abstract is it enough to update the PDF or a new submission is required?


3 pages is fine. References and acknowledgements aren’t included in these pages.

Note the abstracts won’t be judged, they’ll be presented at the workshop if you win.

Great! Thank you Tullie :smiley: