2020 Reconstruction Challenge Announcement

Hello everyone,

We’ve just announced on Twitter that we will be hosting a new challenge this year focused on the brain data in the fastMRI dataset:

We’re targeting releasing the challenge data on October 1st. We’re still working on finalizing the rules for this challenge to post on fastmri.org. We’re hoping to announce the final rules sometime soon.

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

The fastMRI Team


Is there information available on the sampling masks? We can already start building models.


Hello - although this could change subject to the official announcement, the current plan is to use the same 4x and 8x masks as last year.

Hi @mmuckley,

Just to be clear about the masks, this means that most likely the masks will be random like in the knee dataset instead of equidistant like in the current brain dataset as explained in the paper?

Hello @zaccharieramzi - they should be as described in the paper. We’d prefer not to make any changes to the already-published test sets.

Ok cool, so periodic/equidistant masks.